OTRS 5 Beta 1

Pessoal, acabou de sair a versão beta do OTRS 5, no site oficial já é possível baixar.

As lista completa com as novidades estão abaixo.

What’s New


  • OTRS is now optimized for use on different types and sizes of mobile devices.5beta1 - Responsive1 5beta1 - Responsive2
  • Single-select and multi-select input fields have been modernized and provide advanced searching and filtering capabilities (thanks to Dusan Vuckovic at Mühlbauer).5beta1 - Field Input1 5beta1 - Field Input2
  • Images can now be added/uploaded to the WYSIWYG editor using Copy&Paste and Drag&Drop from anywhere outside the application (in all browsers, without additional Add-On).
  • Improved ticket notification system. It is now possible to configure own ticket notifications with own trigger conditions and recipients. With OTRS Business Solution™, notifications can also be delivered via SMS and/or Notification Web View. The latter is a special screen in OTRS that holds all notifications of the agent; with this OTRS can be used entirely without an email client.

5beta1 - Ticket Notification 5beta1 - Ticket Notification2

  • Statistics received a new graphical user interface which is much better accessible and helps to create great statistics quickly and easily.
    • Additionally, statistics support the new time periods “quarter” and “half-year”

    5beta1 - Statistic

    5beta1 - Statistic25beta1 - Statistic3

  • It is now possible to group action menu items in the ticket zoom screen. Less often used items can be grouped in a submenu, improving screen usage and clarity.
  • Ticket overviews can now display customer company data, thanks to Renée Bäcker.
  • The ticket process TransitionAction “TicketCreate” can now create tickets without articles.


  • The new OTRS Daemon handles all asynchronous and periodic tasks and replaces all previous OTRS cron jobs. In a clustered environment the load is automatically distributed over the nodes.
  • It is now possible to specify multiple readonly mirror (slave) databases for expensive computations such as statistics or fulltext searches to distribute the load among these database servers.


  • A new two-factor authentication layer allows added login security.
    • If entering a fixed username and password doesn’t satisfy your requirements, you can now additionally use the open standard for time based one-time passwords (RfC 6238, also known as Google Authenticator).
    • After having enabled the two-factor authentication, agents and customers can add a shared secret to their preferences and immediately start logging in using one-time passwords created by a compatible method of their choice (e.g. the Android Google Authenticator app).


  • A new XSLT based GenericInterface mapping module allows for arbitrarily complex user-defined data mapping.


  • The new OTRS console makes working on the commandline easy and fun. All commands have a consistent interface, useful documentation and provide helpful colored output.
  • Administrators can now specify a minimum log level to reduce logging volume, thanks to Renée Bäcker.
  • Overview screens in the admin area now show invalid entities in gray, making it easy to focus on active elements.


  • New powerful template engine based on Template::Toolkit.
  • A central object manager makes creating and using global objects much easier (thanks to Moritz Lenz @ noris network).
  • The OPM package format was extended to signal that a package has been merged into another package, allowing the package manager to correctly handle this situation on package installation or update.
  • Caching was centralized in one global cache object which also performs in-memory caching for all data.
  • Added cache benchmark script, thanks to ib.pl.

Fonte: http://www.otrs.com/release-notes-otrs-5-beta1/

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